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We combine superb craftsmanship, quality materials and unique design to deliver exceptional results.

Whitehawk Project

Budget: $750k +

Time: 10 months

Specifications: 10,000 sq. ft. remodel

Details: Features a custom built library with fireplace and TV

Jeremy and Velocity Built are hands down the best builders I’ve ever met, period, send tweet. I’ve remodeled other homes and I’ve never come across a person who is as calm, honest, quality-oriented, and fairly priced as Jeremy. Whether there are two or twenty people on the site, Jeremy is relaxed and wholly present. He has the mind of an engineer and he can respond to the inevitable challenges with solutions and work-arounds in real-time. 

Chris V.

Wonderland Project

Budget: $750k +

Time: 8 months

Specifications: 5000 sq. ft. modern remodel

Details: Custom built rotating and hanging fireplace, heated flooring, locker room style walk-in closet and custom details

Working with Jeremy and Velocity has been a pleasure and they have exceeded our expectations. Velocity is an excellence home remodeling company that works very hard for their clients. They did a fantastic job on our initial project, a master bathroom remodel at our old home, as we prepared it for sale. The master bathroom remodel was the last touch needed for us to put the house on the market. The home went under contract within 24hrs of being listed.

Mike S.

Velocity Built - Rain Shower


We have built hundreds of bathrooms, from modern rain showers to traditional baths, we truly have done it all. What type of bathroom do you dream of?

Velocity Built Cabinetry


Not only do we pride ourselves on beautiful design, but functional design. We love building cabinets that help our clients organize and declutter.

Velocity Built Entertainment Centers


Not only are our homes our sanctuaries, but they are place to relax. Whether alone or with guests we build spaces that offer ease and comfort.

Velocity Built Family Room

Family ROom

A house is not a home without those you love. Let us help you built the perfect hang-out spot for you and your brood to rest and relax.

Velocity Built Finishing Touches


We love obsessing over the details! We are going to help you with every minute part of the project, creating exceptional finishes.

Velocity Built Fireplaces


The cold winters of Colorado make having a beautiful fireplace almost a necessity! We love building a hearth worthy of your admiration.

Velocity Built Foyer


Often overlooked, your foyer is one of the most important spaces in your home! It’s where you say hello and goodbye to those you love.

Velocity Built Breakfast Nook


Often nicknamed the heart of the home, we help build kitchens that are fun and functional. What will you cook up today?

Velocity Built Laundry Room


No one likes doing the laundry…until now! Let us help you built a laundry room that you’ll look forward to visiting time and time again.

Velocity Built Master Bathroom


We don’t just build bathrooms, we build masterpieces! Let us help you create a master bath that is steeped in luxury.

Velocity Built Modern Design

Modern Design

We have so much fun partnering with our clients on modern design. This closet feels like it’s from the future!

Velocity Built Windows and Railings


A great construction project is incomplete if there hasn’t been great consideration taken for the details.

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