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Duct Leakage Testing

This is a great article on Duct Leakage Testing and the new building codes related to leakage.  The requirements vary depending on which code set a municipal building department is reconizing.  Most jurisdictions are reconzing at least the 2006 International Building Code, but many are on the 2009 or the 2012.  Particularly in the 2012 codes, […]

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The future!

Ever since I was bitten by a radioactive spider I’ve been able to sense energy saving changes that will be made to Boulder city and county’s codebooks. I was really hoping I would get flying powers, or super strength, but I guess this is a fairly practical superpower. So what does the future hold? More […]

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2012 ICC Code Adoptions

Every 3 years the International Code Council comes up with a whole bunch rules and guidelines for how commercial and residential buildings should work. Well the 2012 ICC codes are here and Boulder City and County will be adopting them January 1st. Now is the time to voice your opinion on how these codes should […]

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Is your A/C and furnace working overtime?

Velocity Enterprises just Aerosealed another home in Boulder. The upper levels of the home had been hard to keep comfortable while the basement would become frigid with the A/C and blazing hot with the furnace. 578 CFM of duct leakage was the culprit. Our Aeroseal equipment was able to remove 87% of this and quick […]

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Home Energy Saver Calculator

Lawrence Berkeley National Labs created this handy calculator to help estimate a homes energy use and carbon footprint, and how much it can benefit from energy efficiency measures. Our new Aeroseal service can help you meet those heating and cooling energy savings, and the technology came out of the same prestigious lab (LBL). Home Energy […]

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Aeroseal – Our New Service

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  Velocity Enterprises is proud to announce we have become an official dealer of Aeroseal duct sealing! If you want to reduce your energy bill or your impact on mother earth, check it out and give us a call!

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