The Direction of Construction

New building requirements and modern construction techniques can place a major burden on the average contractor.  Our knowledge of and experience with an ever-changing industry allows us to effectively develop a concept into a realistic design that meets the requirements of the building department and your budget.  Through our skill and your personal tastes we can create a product that you will be proud of.

Our personal ethics translate into our business practices.  We believe in transparency in our costing.  With each invoice, you will clearly understand what you are being billed for and why.  Through our compassion and commitment of our customers, we create an environment where we do not have to hide behind the fine print of our contracts and make sure you know there are no surprises.

Customer Focus
We believe in diligent, open communication with every customer; starting with an honest estimate in line with industry standards.  We will not hesitate to make practical recommendations that may reduce project cost.  And we always strive to empower our customers so they can take control of their project’s destiny.

It seems green has become nothing more than a marketing catchword.  Velocity Enterprises is not green; we are sustainable.  We believe being a steward to the community and environment is more than just a marketing angle.  Sustainability is born from our organizational design and our collective motivation to minimize material waste and environmental impact.  As a result, we add value to your project rather than creating an extra cost.  We go beyond recycling and waste diversion by channeling valuable deconstruction materials like copper to local non-profits like Lights for Life.  At Velocity Enterprises we believe the Direction of Construction is to create more than we build.